Yup we are screwed

25 thoughts on “Yup we are screwed

            1. I’m sorry but that’s not right. The news outlets have clearly been bought and paid for.
              It isn’t anti trump the fact that he’s trying to go to war with North Korea is news. It has nothing to do with being for or against him. News networks should be unbiased no political leanings at all to give the people the facts as they are and let them make up their own mind on the subject.
              Hearing that they won’t tell you what is going on because it’s “anti trump” when it’s not makes me dispair


            2. My local news isnt the best, but there are left and right leaning news stations. Fox, or CNN for example. I could go there for “news” but they are both highly biased. Theres a couple out there that you can find some less biased news, but you learn to just pick through the info and get your facts.

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            3. I’ve heard how bad CNN and Fox can be that’s the one thing that they got right here. We have the BBC which is public owned corporation paid for by the people it’s the TV license fee that pays for it. That’s why it’s unbiased news they aren’t allowed to lean for any particular thing they, by law, have to give unbiased reports or they lose their charter


            4. Nice! I feel the paid for news should be stopped in the US. They aren’t helping the country in any way by promoting hate and fear, unfortunately both sides do it. It was hell right before the election trying to keep my mouth shut. Most times I failed and got into a “discussion”.

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  1. I swear, someone needs to find their balls and go take away the president’s dang phone! he should be stuck in a naughty corner or made to write on a blackboard 500 times “I will never tweet again”.

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  2. Having an elected leader of a country using Twitter to broadcast his thoughts on national defence policy is beyond reasonable sanity. Having read the previous comments regarding tailored media streams this is almost as dangerous as the President himself. I have family living in the USA and I am often surprised how educated people can be so ignorant of domestic and national issues. If their only source of information is a sterile news feed what hope do they have.
    I am surprised Trump has not been removed.

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    1. Unfortunately it’s not that easy to remove him and from what I’ve been told by a friend of mine who lives in California the guy who is vice president is even worse then trump but he’s smarter, that’s a dangerous combat.
      The whole thing with the media being bought and paid for, or sterilised as you put it, which is a very good way to describe it, is as I said earlier that it leaves the public Ill informed which is probably why he got elected in the first place


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