Good morning happy people.

Raise your hand if you love sleep?


I love sleep.

It is, almost, the best activity you can do in bed 😉

I am pretty sure the entire world is just a big conspiracy designed to take you away to take me away from the warmth and comfort of bed.

And this morning has absolutely been the worst morning to drag my arse out of bed.

Last night I posted just, before going to bed, that I lost one of my best friends (to clarify if you didn’t read that post she’s not dead just gone away for a year), so I was pretty emotionally drained.

That in itself is enough to put you into a coma like sleep.

But yesterday was differnt for another, much better reason.

Yesterday I got a new bed..

(baby for scale)

Yes, ladies, this is where the magic happens, mostly card tricks.

I went to bed last night and oh my God that was the best night sleep I have had in years.

I was completely comatosed, it was bliss.

The only reason I’m not there now is the little one needed to be fed as soon as she’s asleep I’m going back to my new comfy comfy bed.

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