A Tale of Woe. 

A few years ago I was seeing a someone and one night I decided I was going to propose to my girlfriend. 

I had it all arranged, we were sitting in the porch and I was about to pop the question when a friend of mine, Joseph, appeared, drunk, he tripped and fell face first into the glass table seriously injuring himself. 

Needless to say I had to put my plans on hold to take care of him. 

Now I didn’t know Joseph that well, I didn’t know where he was from, he wasn’t the closest of friends. 

It turned out that from the fall he got a large piece of glass in his eye and was permanently blinded in that eye. He had to walk around with one of those cotton pads over his eye for a few months.

Then one day I came home from work and he was gone, as was my girlfriend. It turned out that they had gotten very close after his injury and they ran off and eloped. Leaving me behind. No note, nothing. 

I tried to track them down but I never could. 

So in conclusion, if it hadn’t been for Cotton Eyed Joel, I’d have been married long time ago. Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from, Cotton Eyed Joe

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