She Was That Girl…

Happy people, Greetings.

If you don’t already check out my good friend Cyranny over at The Cove. You won’t regret it.
Here is some of her work

Cyranny's cove


No girl
was that important
they said,
No one girl
would make me stop
in the middle of a sentence
my eyes glazed over, watching her
wanting her, desiring her,

No one person
should take up all my time,
they said,
No one person
should be the one taking me from others
wanting me to pick the stars from the heavens
or, the flowers from the meadows
weaving them thus, into garlands, sparkling
wreaths for her hair, kneeling I placed
them upon her head,

They said, they said
they say so many things
wanting to turn my head
wanting to change my mind,

She was That Girl
the one who made me forget
all the others
all of those
who wanted to decide

She was that one person
the most important
causing me to stop
and think of nothing else
nothing else but her,

She was that girl
the one…

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