Spam Spam Spam Spam 

I don’t know if many of you check your spam queue regularly but I do.

Mostly out of curiosity but also because there are one or two people on here who’s comments are occasionally put in the spam queue in error.

Normally when I check it there is between 8 and 12 a week.

They are usually misspelled gibberish.

I cleared out the 10 that were in there last night and that was that.

Just now I looked in again and seen this


This is completely getting out of hand.

55 responses to “Spam Spam Spam Spam 

  1. were you looking at yesterday???😉
    If I knew of a spam folder for WP I had forgotten..
    I looked and only had one.
    Kinda sad about it really, I was hoping for a giant cache of misplaced, unread comments. Like a lost treasure…oh poo.
    Maybe clear your cookies?? Hahaha I dont really know… my advice is notoriously faulty concerning compooters. 😁

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  2. Well, at least the spam blocker did its job correctly. Imagine if it wasn’t able to block half of them lol. Just yesterday, I deleted 8 spam comments that were able to pass through the filter.

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      • I would have ignored the 8 spams if the filter did what it’s supposed to do. Those spams weren’t blocked and I had to delete them one at a time as they appear…

        Also, I just checked my spam folder now and it has 136 entries even only after cleaning it yesterday. It seems that spammers are on a roll these days.


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