You’re Torturing Yourself

You keep going back to the small place,
Looking for something that’s not there,
You won’t find any solace there,
It’s time to move on.

You’re doing nothing but torturing yourself,
Wanting something that you just can’t have,
You’re driving yourself into torment,
Why are you doing this to yourself?

You are a complete idiot,
But you keep coming back to the same point,
You have to try and move forward,
Stop looking to the past,
You have so much love to give.

Give yourself a break,
You can’t keep going this way,
You are getting so close to being happy,
But you find yourself back at the start,
You are a complete idiot who will never learn,
It’s time to stop looking to the past,
And get your shit together,
Moving forward is your only option,
The past isn’t coming back.

You’re only torturing yourself,
It’s time to stop,

Pluck up the courage and stop.

via Daily Prompt: Pluck

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