Life never works how you think

Life never works out the way you planned it.

When I was younger, I was completely useless with most things I never really figured out where I fit in in life.

I was always the outsider, I never belonged to any particular group I floated around, I would talk to everyone, but for the most part, I felt invisible. Especially when I came to women.

I always ended up the “friend” there were a few that I was interested in and wanted to pursue but I lacked the confidence to approach them and when I did I always got shot down. In a way, I would always meddle with my own fate. I ended up being the one that they would turn to for advice or when they needed a shoulder to cry on and me being me could never bring myself to take advantage of the situation. I could never forgive myself if I did.

I had feelings for a few, but it wasn’t until many, many years later I would meet a woman that I truly loved and that she loved me back. Unfortunately, that never worked out. It’s a long and complicated story but let’s just boil it down to Long Distance doesn’t work.

Fast forward, and now I am married with the most beautiful baby girl on the planet. (I know that everyone says that about their kids but in my case, it’s true, look at those eyes? How can you resist those eyes?)


Once I got married and put the ring on, a weird thing started to happen

ZomboMeme 18062017153731

(Yes, that is my actual ring, I designed it myself)

Ever since I have put this thing on women have been throwing themselves at me, some to the point that they could be called stalkers, but it is insane, what is it about this little band of metal that suddenly makes women want me?

I will admit that there have been times where it has been tempting, but I would never do that. Even through the really rough times, it is not a line that I would cross.

Some of the things I’ve been sent (videos, pictures, etc.,) have been well, let’s just say, rather graphic.

To be fair some of this did start when I started writing and posting erotic fiction, something that I haven’t done for a long time, I seem to have lost the knack for it.

But I don’t understand why this one little band of gold can have such an effect on some women?

Can someone explain why it is that now that I have this ring on that I am suddenly no longer invisible? Why women seem to want me now?

Just the other week I was out with the little one, just the two of us, and some woman came up to me and started cooing over her, and who could blame her. Now I am completely dense and useless at picking these things up, but I realise later that she was flirting with me and was waiting for me to ask her out.

Now don’t get me wrong if I was single I would have once I realised she was beautiful and nice to talk to.

The weird thing is when I got home, put the little one down and put the shopping away that I realised she had slipped a small piece of paper into my jacket pocket with her phone number on it.

That struck me as really strange, that has never happened to me before. She knew I am married and actually asked about the wife when we were talking, so it’s not like she thought I was available.

It happens a lot online as well.

Last year I had a friend I would talk to a lot, but the fact I was married was mentioned when we started talking but never really brought up again, and she started to fall in love with me. Again, me being completely dense didn’t pick up on this, and she was heartbroken when I freaked out and needed to talk to my friend when I found out the wife was pregnant.

She thought that we had something that I didn’t see and I feel like I broke her heart and a few days after that she stopped talking to me, and I haven’t heard from her since.

If possible could one of you lovely women who follow my blog explain this to me? Why does this happen?

I am so confused.

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11 thoughts on “Life never works how you think

  1. This is just my theory considering I don’t know you personally but it’s probably your pretty baby girl. It’s sort of a rarity to see men caring for their children so a lot of women find that very attractive in a man. Other part of it is because you’re so nice by listening to the girls closely or being helpful. Even the smallest things can cause strong feelings I guess especially if the person isn’t used to getting any type of attention? That’s just my take on it

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  2. I’ll give you my opinion… But it is mine, and mine alone. I doubt women around the bloggosphere, or worst, the world, would be thrilled to learn that I am their proud representative here! I sometimes have weird tastes, weird opinions and weird ways of thinking… but I think what follows should make sense…

    Remember that I haven’t known you for a long time… So I am basing what I say from my little experience of the person that you are… (Oh man, I have a feeling this comment will be long…)

    So why do women tend to find you more attractive now, than before you and Mrs Colin got married? That’s certainly not because of the ring, although some women might find hunting a married man exciting, but I wouldn’t know about that.

    I think it probably has to do with the fact that you no longer “try” to find your match. Looking for a girlfriend makes a lot of guys nervous. They want to say the right thing and do what they need to do to win the girl’s heart… They want to impress. Being married, you don’t have to prove anything to the girl at the flower shop, or at the library. And you’re probably that much “cooler” about stuff in general… Which can be attractive to some women!

    The little one is definately a mass destruction weapon! Use her wisely, otherwise, you’ll get in trouble and sleep on the couch even when your back is ok! Being a good dad around single ladies is probably very seducing for some of them… There again, I wouldn’t know, not having kids or planning on having any, but if you held a kitten, maybe…. LOL

    You are a caring person… you put other people’s wishes and needs before your own, and you listen. (at least you offer to… LOL) Those are two things that will get you the ladies’ attention too…

    As for your hadsomness (?!?!) I don’t recall seeing a picture of you, so, well, yeah.

    I can’t say about your erotic fiction either… I haven’t read them yet. But some blogging ladies might have fantasized about that side of you…

    Well, I am pretty sure this didn’t help at all 😛 MOuahahahahahahaha

    At least I tried, and now you have enough reading to make it through the night if you can’t sleep!!


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    1. Cyranny again your comments are enlightening and funny.

      I think you may be right about the fact that I don’t try, must be something in that.

      You’re right about the little one she is a WMD who could resist her? At least if I find myself single I have a sure fire method to pick up women. Also I do have cats one of whom is so incredibly cute and fluffy. 😉
      I’ve always been the “caring person” who listens it’s just who I am.
      You really should. Read some of my stories they are really good 😉
      Thanks for your thoughts on the matter as always you have been enlightening and entertaining

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      1. 😉 I was wondering… Are you considering having more kids to have a whole “take over the World” crew? You have done a great job with the first one… No reason to believe the next would be any less cute!! LOL

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