Overwhelming guilt 

I made a huge mistake today and the guilt is eating me up. 

I was trying to cut the little ones nails and she moved and I took a huge chunk out of her thumb.

The blood went everywhere and she was screaming. I have never panicked as much in my life.

I feel so bad about the whole thing. I’ve never been good with blood and this was the worst ever.

Hurting her was never something I ever wanted to do. 

She seems alright now has been smiling and laughing but god I feel awful.ing I wanted to do and now I feel so guilty.

The guilt is overwhelming me.

When it happened the blood wouldn’t stop flowing so I called my mum and she came right round.

I tried to get up to help or at least unlock the door so my mum could come in and sent my back into spasms and all I could do was writhe in agony I could do nothing to help.

This is her finger now.

I feel awful.

5 thoughts on “Overwhelming guilt 

  1. It was an accident, even though that these words don’t make the guilt go away. But that is exactly why we call such and it’s not done intentionally. You’re little already knows this and doesn’t love you any less. 😉

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  2. I know how you feel. Back in the day of cloth diapers (yes, I’m that old) I pinned it right through her skin. I will never forget the look on her little face before she started crying.


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