No matter how many times you come at us we won’t give in… Not now not ever

After last Monday’s attack in Manchester I have never been prouder to be British, the way that the community pulled together and helped each other in the aftermath of the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert that left 22 dead and hundreds injured. The way we as a nation pulled together and in one voice said to those trying to pull us apart you will not, we are stronger than you, we will not kowtow to terror.


it has been a hard two weeks for those involved in the incident, and just as we have begun to move past this and get back to normal, it happens again.


It is after midnight on Saturday night as I sit here writing this, I have just seen that there has been another attack here in the UK tonight in London.


Tonight, there has been three men in a van have ploughed through pedestrians on London Bridge killing an unconfirmed number then got out the van headed for Borough Market which is a big food and pub area and started stabbing people.

There have been reports of one of the three men with knives had canisters strapped around his waist. It’s not been confirmed. They have killed several people.

There have also been reports that they shouted something about Allah, but it’s not confirmed.

There have been shots fired as well, by the police and unconfirmed reports two of them have been shot.

These fuckers think that they will keep us down. But they won’t. The will not stop us living our lives.

Fuck these people. They will not win.

I found this the other day that sums the British up in one image



We will not be defeated by people like this. What has happened tonight has now officially been declared a Terrorist Attack.


My grandad fought in the second world war. We stood up to Hitler, and he never broke us.


What chance have these fuckers got? None.


We will not be defeated, and we will rise up and end these people. We are resilient, we cope, we survive, and we laugh. We have a dry sense of humour, and this will not break us.


Not Now. Not Ever


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