First Films 

This is something I’ve been thinking about posting for a few days now. 

I was watching a video on YouTube that asked this very same question and I thought it would make for a fun discussion on here if anyone is interested in taking part in it. 

I have tried things like this before without much luck so let’s give this a go again. 

So the video was asking the question “What was the first Film you went to see in a cinema?” 

This got me thinking there are two that I remember going to see. Where my dad worked at the time they put on special family day screenings for employees and their families. This was the circumstances that led to my first cinematic experience. 

I remember being so excited to go I went and seen both of these films and I loved them both but I can’t remember which one I seen first. 

The two films I went and seen were Ghostbusters 2 and Back to the future 3 

Both great films. 

Now when I was a kid I was obsessed with the Ghostbusters, the first film was out the year I was born and I have seen it hundreds of times, in my opinion it is the best film ever made. I religiously watched the cartoon series every Saturday morning, I had a full proton pack and the action figures. So I could not have been more excited to see the sequal. 

It is by no means a perfect movie but to me at age 6 it was damn near close. 

I was not afraid at any point that I remember. I had to explain during the court room scene what the traps were to my dad and that they were not the containment unit. 

But when the Scolarie Brothers erupted from the slime and tried to take revenge on the judge I was bouncing up and down in my seat. It was the most exciting thing I had seen. 

I loved every minute of it. 

Ghostbusters 2 gets a lot of flack these days for not being that good and I will stand up in its defence I love that film. 

Now watching it again there are things that I find creepy but for differnt reasons 

This bastard in particular he is so creepy and what’s that accent about? 

But this part creeps me out now 

So that’s my first memory of going to the cinema. 

Whats yours? 

I would love to here your stories 

4 thoughts on “First Films 

  1. Awww… I love both Ghostbusters movies too! I have seen the first one probably more times than recommended, if you want to keep a sane mind.

    My first film a the movie theater was E.T. My parents said that i cried like crazy when he was dying at the end of the story… Not understanding that it wasn’t “real”. I still love that movie… I guess the first experience at the theater leaves a big impression on us 😉

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    1. Hahaha that must be why I like you. Similar minds. Ghostbusters is a masterpiece. I have seen it so many times.
      (we do not speak of the 2016 abomination. The script for that was written on a fecking post it)

      I know what you mean about ET that part is devastating for a kid.
      God damn you Spielberg

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      1. LOL, that might just be it 🙂 Great minds think alike, they say, hehehehe

        I can quote so many scenes from the first movie, still to this day. But as the years go by, less and less people remember them, which is a crime to me!

        It was so sad to learn about Harold Ramis’ death… Egon Spengler was my favorite geek character ever! 🙂

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