Stuck in the same place. 

I have been dealing with something for a long time.

There are certain things from my past that I can’t get over and I obsess about them a lot.

These are things that are really deeply personal to me so I won’t go into detail about them. But suffice to say I was offered a choice a few years ago and I made the wrong one and I lost a lot.

Now I keep obsessing about it.

Tonight I figured out why.

For this particular thing I’m stuck in the Hotel California. I checked out but I can never leave.

I have to find the passage back to the place I was before.

Its a quandary that I seem to have to live with.
Here is the song if you don’t know it.


And it you don’t know it HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

12 thoughts on “Stuck in the same place. 

  1. The past is not an easy thing to tame, when you feel you’ve made a wrong choice… It is a ghost that can haunt you for years, and I wish you to find peace of mind soon. In the meanwhile, big hugs

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      1. Sorry for the delay… I had a long exhausting week at work, and got a little late on my answers!

        Maybe the Ghostbusters could do the trick… lol if you try them and they prove to be effective, let me know, I have a few ghosts of my own 😉

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  2. past has seldom something new to say and changes are you are dealing with unanswered, unresolved issues that continue to haunt you. Do you believe in forgiveness? You say you made the wrong choice. Perhaps you did the best you knew how back then. And if indeed it was a mistake, after all we all make them, do you think that you should deserve forgiveness? You will find some peace there. Hugs xo

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      1. I understand and I meant forgiveness in the sense that you did what you thought was right back then. That has to stand for something and we never know how our decisions might impact the future. I hope you can find peace with this. Hugs

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