I’m just done

I am thinking about giving up.

Recently I have had no motivation to write, I have had no time to do it, and everything I have tried to write has been garbage.

It is feeling forced and like I’m not enjoying it anymore. Writing used to be an escape for me, a way to deal with issues I’m having and deal with feelings and other things.

But now? It is stressing me out. I feel like I have lost any talent I had nothing is working for me.

I have been blocked for a few months now, and I don’t know what to do about it.

Also, I have no item working all the time is a bitch then I want to go home and spend time with my daughter, and once she’s asleep, I’m so drained that I try to write, but I have got nothing.

So I think I’m just going to give up.

I have one story I’m going to finish and then will see what happens

10 responses to “I’m just done

  1. Don’t give up! Writing is never easy. Just keep going and soon you will get there.


  2. Aw noooo. No giving up, just take a break. I understand what your talking about though. Just set it down for a bit if you must, nothing wrong with it. Maybe try reading some new books. Anyway I hope you get over your writing hump as quickly as you can. ☺

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    • I just feel like I have got nothing left in me, you know hwat i mean? its as if i am empty and there are no more stories to tell. ive tried writing things but nothing is coming at all.
      I just feel completely drained

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