Geekifacation is succeeding 

If you have read my previous posts about wanting to turn my baby girl into a geek then I have an update for you. 

Recently she’s has been screaming a lot and nothing seems to settle her. 

Last night we tried music and it seemed to work she settled down and sat in my arms watching the music videos on YouTube. 

This morning though I have never been more proud. 

While I’m upstairs tidying up and sorting the washing, the wife is down stairs with the baby girl and has the music on she screamed all the way through Dancing in the street with Bowie and Jagger (with those lips I can’t blame her) 

But when Ghostbusters came on (my all time favourite film) she stopped crying, had a huge smile on her face and was head bobbing along.

I am so proud of my little geek in training. 


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