Geekifacation Part Three – So it begins…

It’s been three weeks since my daughter was born and my life has completely changed. 
I knew I would love this little person beyond anything I have before but I was not prepared for how I actually feel about her. 

As I said she is three weeks old already and it has flown by. Tomorrow is going to be hard day, it’s the first day I go back to work. Tearing myself away is going to be really difficult. 

But I have prepared the way and the Geekifacation has begun. 

So as you can see, not only does she look so adorable but they outfits really suit her. She’s my perfect little geek in training. My little Ghostbuster/Stay Puft

18 thoughts on “Geekifacation Part Three – So it begins…

            1. I will create a post where I will answer your questions cause I have been nominated two times today and I have done it before so I will combine the questions and answer them

              But to the bonus question: I will DEFINITELY buy your book

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  1. I’m sure she’s just as cuddly as the stay puft man. ๐Ÿค—Soo cute!
    They have almost no time for men in America.
    Well at least it can be “Daddy to the rescue!” when you get home.

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    1. She really is, that’s my favourite outfit for her she’s so cuddly. I have that pic printed out on my wall at work, along with 16 others.
      It was really hard leaving her today and the wife said that she kept looking about most of the day as if she was trying to find me. Almost broke my heart hearing that

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