Merry Christmas 

Now that the insane day is over just wanted to say to everyone I hope you all had a good day. 

With New Year fast approaching here is hoping that 2017 is a good year for everyone. 

2016 has been a mixed bag. Most people think it has been a terrible year, especially with all the people who have died. Then the fiasco here in the UK with the ridiculous “Brexit” thing (which is still a stupid name) then in the US the election of Trump. 

One of my best friends lives in the US and they are less than happy with the whole thing. 

But for me personally it has been a year filled with hope and dread until the day my daughter was born. After she was here all the fear I had evaporated and has now been replaced with a whole new set of worries. But 2017 is going to be different, I hope. 
Anyway just wanted to say Merry Christmas and hope you all had a good day. 

I’ll be trying to do some more writing soon but the baby is taking up most of my time. 

And I hope to get my book sent off it publishers soon. I’ll keep you updated.  

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