The Baby Kicked Me

Last night I was sitting on the couch with my wife, watching TV when out of nowhere she grabs my hand and puts it on her stomach and said for me to wait.

I was confused for a second, and then I felt it, a slight tap hitting off the palm of my hand, my daughter was kicking me.

It wasn’t much, but it kept coming, it is honestly the best feeling I have been kicked in my life. My little girl is moving, active and kicking me.

It was the weirdest feeling I’ve ever had, but my god, the feeling that ran through my mind and my heart are indescribable. I know many of you who read my blog will have been through this as well so you know exactly what I mean.

The feeling is incredible, and it is the happiest I’ve felt in my life, the only time I can think that will top this will be the day that I hold my daughter in my arms for the first time. I cannot wait for this day to come, 13ish weeks to go and my daughter will be here.

I can’t describe the love that I feel for her already, and I just want her to be here now, my wife thinks I’m crazy in asking if she can just come out for half an hour to play and I’ll put her back. But I’m just that excited to have my daughter in my arms that I’m being crazy.

Anyway, that’s my ramble on this I just wanted to share it with someone, don’t know if anyone will actually read this.


18 responses to “The Baby Kicked Me

  1. How sweet and thank you for giving us a glimpse into what an amazing loving father she will have. I was very close to my Dad and understand the father / daughter relationship. You are both very lucky and so is your wife 😉.

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  2. You are very welcome and I’m not sure why your blog came up today with the message if I wanted to follow it. So if you get notification that I started to follow you, it was truly an accident as I don’t know as to why it went into an unfollowed status hahaha. I’m afraid you are stuck with this fan 😉

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  3. Oh my god, this is so sweet. I literally smiled through out this whole post. And congratulations on having a baby, it is such a gift.

    And thanks for sharing this, it’s so beautiful.

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