Karma is Electric – Ch1 (Violent story w/rough language)

I wanted to share this with everyone. I follow this blog and feel like more people should read this story, it is really good and an ongoing story.
Check it out but beware of cliffhangers

I, Pennelope Redlin, killed a man.

It wasn’t on purpose but I wish that it had been. That I could have made it last. A slow, lingering, painful death.

The actions leading to his death were his own. I had no part in them. Bo Parsons decided to put on his new bling. He swaggered in ridiculous wanna-be gang member fashion down to Harry’s Dive bar all by his lonesome and got shit faced.

All I did was go about my business like every other Tuesday night. Heading home from my underpaid waitressing job at Sunnyday Pizza. It was freezing cold so I hunkered down in my coat, eyes glued to the concrete. In retrospect, I knew that it was stupid. Every rape avoidance pamphlet ever written says, “keep aware of your surroundings”. But you get into your routine, and it was damn cold. So I went along, head burrowed…

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