I always have trouble coming up with names for the characters in my stories, someone once said (I genuinely can’t remember who) That the naming of a person is the most important and challenging thing you can do.

so it’s always difficult to come up with names when you know what the character is going to be like. at the beginning of any story, I write, I have a rough idea what direction I want the character to go in even if I don’t know what’s actual going to happen in the story. there is a general sense of who he/she is going to be within the confines of the narrative.

Now here is my dilemma, how do you come up with a name when you have no clue who they are going to be. I am currently tasked with picking a name for my unborn baby. I have no clue what kind of person they are going to be, other than mine and loved. The name, if it is a boy, has already been decided. But I can’t think of a name if its a girl.

I have compiled a list, and that is below:

Jennifer (Jen)

But I can’t decide. Each of the names has a special meaning to me (One more than others), so I am hoping that if anyone who reads my blog would like to help me choose and also make some suggestions, please do in the comments.

if not thanks for reading anyway

3 thoughts on “Names

  1. Hi, and congrats!
    I’m a baby and character name blogger, and so maybe I can assist?

    My personal favorites from your list are Sarah, Leah, and Alice, but all the names are decent. Lauren and Jennifer are starting to become outdated (at least where I’m from), and might work better as middle names. Cassie and Katie are youthful and great, but I recommend using them as nicknames for a more formal full name (like Cassidy or Katherine) that can go on her resumé when she’s older. Allison is still pretty popular, but keep in mind that Allison is derived from a medieval form of Alice…so use only one of them.

    I hope this helps. 🙂 Check out my blog if you feel like searching for more names:


  2. Haha it took me a while to pick my own name, and I knew what my character arc was going to be! LOL. I like all on that list, particularly Katie and Jessica.

    For my writing I have several name generators, even one for ethnic names. But often I have a name for the main character when I start. It’s the ancillary folk that I need the generators


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