Things not being equal

I have decided to expand my blog a little and to start putting up things of my general thoughts and things happening in life.

So I had this thought the other night. The wife and I went out for dinner the other night and had a sharing platter for a starter in Pizza Hut.

There was something that struck me about the whole thing, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it it was a good night, had a couple of drinks and a good meal. But the thought that I had at the time was this: why is it that if you have a sharing platter with chicken, ribs, garlic bread or anything like that, why, oh why don’t they give you an even amount? I mean as part of this platter we had Breaded Chicken Bites. This was for the two of us so why the hell were there seven of them?

I could understand Six or Eight but why give an uneven number in a Sharing Platter

I don’t know if anyone else finds things like this perplexing or if it’s just me or if anyone else will even read this I just wanted to say something

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